High Risk Training

MBA Group Training provides ongoing learning opportunities through industry training and education services. Safe work practices within the industry are a priority with the Master Builders and expert advice is available in a range of areas including occupational health and safety requirements, industry codes of practice, education and training.

High Risk Licence training is provided at the Master Builders Skills Centre through an arrangement with Southern Training Organisation. Below are the current training courses that are offered through MBA Group Training.

High risk licences

A high risk work licence (HRWL) is required for working in a variety of hazardous environments, and for the operation of certain types of heavy or hazardous equipment.

The high risk work licensing system presently provides for 29 classes of high risk work, divided into 5 broad categories:

  • scaffolding work;

  • dogging and rigging work;

  • crane and hoist operation;

  • forklift operation; and

  • pressure equipment operation,

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