10 March 2016

Improving the ACT Building Regulatory System

The MBA has welcomed the ACT government’s commitment to reforming the building regulatory system. Such a reform is a vital part of improving building quality, giving community confidence in the local building industry, and in turn, protecting the many reputable operators in our proud local construction industry. In late 2015, the ACT government announced a wide ranging and in-depth review of the building regulatory system. MBA’s priorities for action focus on 5 key reforms.

23 October 2015

Safety Policy

The MBA ACT seeks to combine the collective membership’s resources to help the members, and the broader industry, create a work environment that allows the best chance of people returning home from work safely.

23 September 2015

Building and construction waste materials: REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE - Opportunities and strategies for the Capital region

In December 2013 Canberra Business Council, through its Sustainability Special Interest Group, led a project which commissioned the University of Canberra to undertake research into residential construction, renovation and demolition (C&D) waste and recycling activity in the Capital Region. Canberra Business Council was joined in this project by the South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SERROC), the ACT Master Builders Association (MBA), ACT NOWaste, Colin Stewart Architects, Easycare Landscapes, the ACT Land Development Agency, and the Rock Development Group. The research proponents together represent the business sector, the architecture, landscape architecture, building and construction industries and the local government areas which constitute the Capital Region.

4 September 2015

Draft Territory Plan Variation 343 (DV343)

Master Builders ACT has called on the ACT’s Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services (the committee) to support Draft Territory Plan Variation 343 (DV343) which would allow dual occupancies to be built on ‘Mr Fluffy’ blocks over 700 square metres.

1 May 2015

Building Quality Policy

The Master Builders ACT Building Quality Policy strives to deliver buildings and building services that consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Master Builders ACT's Building Quality Key Policy Objectives. Advocate to the ACT Government for the establishment of the Building Regulatory Advisory Committee Implement targeted professional development training for MBA members and the industry. Support the implementation of mandatory professional development training for all construction industry licensed practitioners. Advocate to the ACT Government for the establishment of a peer review of Class 2 buildings greater than two storeys Implement two-day annual training seminars delivered by industry professionals for members and industry practitioners Develop proforma checklists for MBA members using a technology based document management system for recording critical hold-point inspection stages on projects Advocate to the ACT Government for establishing a review of the current building certification and inspection system