Q&A with WHS Manager Alana Morris

Posted 27 September 2019

Q&A with WHS Manager Alana Morris

Q: How does asthma affect the workplace?

Asthma sufferers lose nearly one-tenth of work hours due to their symptoms, which also reduces their productivity and affects their emotional wellbeing, according to a new survey.

Did you know that approx. 420 people in Australia die from Asthma every year? 1 in 9 Aussies suffer with asthma (that’s about 2.5 million people).

The World Health Organisation estimates that 235 million people around the world suffer from asthma.

With Spring in the air and dust storms lingering around the south-east of Australia, asthma attacks are on the rise.

To reduce the affects on the workplace ensure you:

  • Have a designated first aid officer with asthma training
  • Have a first aid kit equipped with an asthma reliver (the blue/grey medication called salbutomol)
  • Have a copy of worker’s asthma management plans that require one (this is issued by their treating doctor)
  • Provide education on asthma to workers and or supervisors
  • Encourage all asthma suffers to keep a spare spacer on them in the case of an attack (up to 7 times more asthma reliving medication is delivered when using a spacer)
  • Reduce (so far as reasonably practicable) exposure to dusts, pollens and other known triggers
  • Provide additional PPE where required


Q: What WHS Services can MBA provide to our members?

 We can:

  • Review your current safe work systems
  • Assist you to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Offer advice and templates for best practice
  • Provide education on safety related matters
  • Deliver internal training (*may incur additional costs depending on topics)
  • Provide reference and resource materials


Call or email today to book an appointment. We can come to you or meet you in our offices at Fyshwick.

For more information and key contacts for National Safe Work Month, check out our website here

If you have any WHS related enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our WHS Manager, Alana Morris on 02 6175 5900

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