CEO Update 22 March 2019

Posted 22 March 2019

CEO Update 22 March 2019

This week I would like to update all of our members on how we performed in the most recent membership survey and how we are continuing to improve our service offer to members.

Each month MBA ACT staff engage with close to 2,000 members through phone calls, individual meetings, sector council meetings, training courses, and events. We engage with the building industry over 1,000 times a month via phone calls, and last year around 4,000 people attended our events.

One of the most pleasing areas of feedback from the membership survey is the responses we received from consumers. We surveyed consumers who have either built or renovated in the last 12 months or are considering building or renovating in the next 12 months. The strength of the MBA brand was evident in their responses, with the majority of consumers reporting that they consider whether a contractor is a member of the MBA when making a decision to engage them.

Hence many of our monthly engagements are directly with consumers. While we always act in the best interests of our members, our staff can play an important role helping to resolve disputes, or avoid disputes by explaining technical terms, providing advice on our building contracts, or advising them on the building process.

Our entire organisation is committed to improving the services we offer to members. We have recently been visiting many of our members to learn more about the issues that they encounter while trying to operate a construction business in the ACT. Shortly, we will be announcing a new suite of services aimed at small businesses in response to this feedback.

We will also be releasing the results of the membership survey on our website, member updates, and via social media.

If you participated in the recent membership survey, thank you.

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