MBA Responds to Draft Builders Code of Practice

Posted 23 September 2019

MBA Responds to Draft Builders Code of Practice

On Friday Master Builders ACT responded to the draft Code of Practice for Builders.

Master Builders supports the introduction of a Code of Practice as an important tool to improve building quality, however we have requested further consultation with Government to make sure the Code is workable and meets its objective.

In its current form, the Code would cause a significant impact on the building industry. The draft Code would have a number of unintended consequences, including:

  • It would extend the responsibility of the licensed builder to include greater responsibility for design and engineering
  • It would be unworkable for medium and large builders because of the requirement for licensed holders to “personally” undertake inspections
  • It outlines a one-size fits all approach which wouldn’t allow builders to utilise their existing accredited quality systems.

Finally, we have sought advice from government about how the Code would fit with other reforms, including reforms agreed in the Building Confidence Report.

A copy of the MBA’s submission can be viewed here. 

Further information about the Government’s buildng reforms, including a copy of the draft Code, can be viewed here.

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