Master Builders Launches Its Campaign For The Next Federal Election

Posted 9 April 2019

Master Builders Launches Its Campaign For The Next Federal Election

Master Builders Australia today launches its campaign to give its members and the building and construction industry a voice at the imminent Federal Election.

“The Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign will ensure that the issues that matter to our local industry are front and centre and that all political parties and candidates know which policies our members support and oppose,” Michael Hopkins, CEO of Master Builders ACT said.

“The campaign calls for the support of Master Builders’ policy ‘wish list’ to back small business, stop the bullying on building sites, boost house building activity and train more apprentices,” he said.

“Our Election Scorecard will inform our members across the Canberra region about how the major parties respond,” Mr Hopkins said.

“Advertising will be rolled out across the country, starting today, opposing the abolition of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and an increase in capital gains tax and restrictions on negative gearing,” he said.

“Both of these issues are of the utmost importance to our members - the builders and tradies that underpin Canberra’s economy. They are both long standing policy positions of the MBA and we have an obligation to our members to stand up for what is important to them,” Mr Hopkins said.

Mr Hopkins said, “Union bullying is reported to the MBA daily. When the union makes unproven and vexatious claims about the conduct of a local building company, it almost always coincides with enterprise agreement negotiations.”

“It is a tried and tested union tactic to bully local companies into signing union deals,” said Mr Hopkins.

“Union bullying drives up construction costs by 30%, forcing the ACT tax payer to pay more for schools, hospitals and transport infrastructure – a cost the ACT budget can hardly bear,” he said.

“Doubling capital gains tax and restrictions on negative gearing will mean that up to 900 new homes will not be built, up to 680 less full time jobs will be created and the local building industry will take a hit of approximately $250 million,” Mr Hopkins said.

“Our industry made a contribution of $4 Billion to the Territory’s economy in 2018 so Master Builders ACT does not want to see economic growth put at risk by policies that give a green light to union bullying or result in less new homes being built,” he said.

“Both major parties boast of their plans for a strong economy. They must acknowledge that as the nation’s second largest industry, largest provider of full time jobs and with more than 370,000 small business, a successful building and construction industry is fundamental to achieving economic growth and higher living standards,” Mr Hopkins said.

“The Strong Building, Strong Economy Campaign provides an opportunity for our members “voice” to be heard, the voice of an industry that is integral to the future success of our nation,” Mr Hopkins said.

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