Master Builders ACT Response to Building Quality Inquiry Hearing 1 May

Posted 1 May 2019

Master Builders ACT Response to Building Quality Inquiry Hearing 1 May


Today’s hearings of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism’s inquiry into Building Quality in the ACT has heard more stories from ACT building owners of a lack of enforcement of building laws by the ACT’s building regulator.

Master Builders ACT CEO Michael Hopkins said, “The evidence presented to the Committee to date highlights the importance of a strong, independent and well-resourced building regulator to oversee building quality in the ACT.”

“While it is inevitable that disputes will arise during the building process from time-to-time, it is vital that both the community and industry can have confidence in the building regulator to hold all stakeholders to account when necessary”, said Mr Hopkins.

Mr Hopkins said, “Unfortunately due to a long period of lax enforcement of building standards rogue operators have been allowed to flourish in the ACT, often having their building licensed renewed year after year by the Government.”

“In countless submissions to Government the Master Builders has called on Government to provide extra funding for more building inspectors. With the current pace of growth in the ACT it is more important than ever before that extra resources be provided.”

Mr Hopkins said, “The evidence given so far to the Committee also highlights the importance of education and training for owners and building practioners. In the MBA’s experience many disputes arise due to owners and builders not following or understanding their rights and obligations in building contracts, not understanding the role of the building certifier, and not communicating regularly during the design and building process.”

“The MBA agrees with many of the submissions to the inquiry, that without a mandatory training regime for all license holders, those that require training the most will not attend courses or seek help when it is needed”, said Mr Hopkins.

The MBA’s submission to the inquiry has called on the ACT Government to:

  1. Appropriately resource Access Canberra so that existing building laws can be effectively enforced.
  2. Implement the 43 building reforms announced by Government in 2016 together with the recommendations of the Building Confidence Report made in 2018.
  3. Introduce mandatory Continuing Professional Development Training for all license holders

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