Master Builders ACT, Property Council and Canberra Business Chamber Launch Our Place

Posted 6 December 2019

Master Builders ACT, Property Council and Canberra Business Chamber Launch Our Place

Today Master Builders ACT, Property Council of Australia and Canberra Business Chamber launched the Our Place campaign. The campaign focuses on the stories of developers, builders, architects, planners, engineers, local businesses and those who inhabit the spaces and places we call ‘ours’.

The campaign features stories from a variety of local builders, developers and industry greats including Village Building Co. CEO, Travis Doherty and New Level Landscape’s Managing Director Ash Carter.

Master Builders ACT CEO, Michael Hopkins said, “Today we are launching the Our Place web site which contains information about the people that work in our local construction industry, the quality projects that they deliver, and the contribution that our industry makes to the ACT.”

“Our industry has felt the need to take the unprecedented step of launching this campaign to respond to the negative media that has flooded our local papers, social media, TV and radio about building quality,” he said. 

Executive Director of the Property Council Australia ACT division, Adina Cirson said, “Our sector is critical to the diversity of the economy and contributes almost 60% of all government revenue - more than any other industry, which funds our schools, hospitals, municipal, community and government services.”

“This campaign aims to share the stories of those places, those people and better explain the purpose behind what our members do every single day. It’s the story of ‘Our Place’,” she said. Travis Doherty, CEO of Village Building Co. features in the campaign and was profiled on his choice to move to Canberra, “Canberra is a rapidly expanding city with a friendly and connected community, making it a perfect place for us to raise our children.”

“Our aim has always been to create foundations that will stand the test of time and allow even greater connections with a safe place that Canberran’s can proudly call home,” Mr Doherty said.

The website featuring these stories is available to view here. 

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