Canberra’s First House Made from Hemp

Posted 29 August 2017

Canberra’s First House Made from Hemp


Master Builder ProStyle Building Group has constructed Canberra’s first hemp house in partnership with designer Plan It Green and owners Rowan and Vicki Woodburn.

One of only 24 hemp houses in Australia, Canberra’s hemp house is located in O’Connor. Master Builder David Fogg said “the reaction from the Canberra community has been overwhelming. People are fascinated and curious about hemp as a building product.”

“Lots of people ask if they can smoke it, but I also get a lot of serious questions about the building process, the costs and environmental benefits,” David said.

The main building products are “Hemp Hurd and lime binder, produced by the Australia Hemp Masonry Company Pty Ltd (AHMC) which is then mixed with sand and water.

According to AHMC, the product is a versatile natural building product. The hemp building process sequesters carbon dioxide for the life of the building. Created by simply combining water, hemp aggregate and a lime-based binder it produces a building product with excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties. The insulation forms the entire wall with the load bearing timber frame fully encased.

Designer Angela Knock from Plan It Green says hemp provides “a monolithic wall structure in that it is solid with no material layers or cavities and therefore minimises air gaps which is one of the greatest sources of heat loss in winter. Paradoxically perhaps is that as a natural product the hemp allows the house to ‘breathe’ which ensures high indoor air quality and minimal to no condensation issues.”

David says, “Hempcrete construction is proving to be an ideal building material for Canberra because of its thermal efficiency, carbon sequestering abilities, and overall sustainability qualities.”

Kevin McCloud of the Grand designs television show shares his opinion about Hemp here.

For more information visit the Hempcrete Australia website

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