Building Confidence Report Released

Posted 2 August 2018

Building Confidence Report Released

August 2018

Building Confidence Report Released 

The Building Ministers Forum (BMF) has released the long awaited expert panel report into compliance and enforcement in the building regime. The BMF engaged Professor Peter Shergold AC and Ms Bronwyn Weir as independent experts to inquire into the broader compliance and enforcement problems within the building and construction systems affecting the implementation of the NCC.

The report titled Building Confidence: Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia, was released in February 2018 and contains a number of recommendations which support the MBA’s reform priorities, including: Recommendations 1 to 4 focus on the registration and training of practitioners.

  • Recommendations 5 to 7 address the roles and responsibilities of regulators.
  • Recommendation 8 goes to the role of fire authorities in the building design and approvals process.
  • Recommendations 9 to 11 focus on the integrity of private building surveyors.
  • Recommendation 12 addresses the issue of collecting and sharing building information and intelligence.
  • Recommendations 13 to 17 focus on the issues of adequacy of documentation and record keeping.
  • Recommendations 18 to 19 emphasise the importance of inspection regimes.
  • Recommendation 20 addresses the issue of post-construction information management.
  • Recommendation 21 relates to building product safety.
  • Recommendations 22 to 24 deal with the implementation of the recommendations laid out above.

Master Builders ACT is currently reviewing the recommendations in detail and will work with the ACT Government on the implementation of reforms to improve building quality in the ACT.

 The Shergold and Weir report is available here.


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