Alleged Cartel Charges Laid Against CFMMEU

Posted 17 August 2018

Alleged Cartel Charges Laid Against CFMMEU

“The charges of alleged cartel conduct laid by the ACCC against the ACT’s CFMMEU Branch and its Secretary Jason O’Mara highlight conduct that was comprehensively examined in the Heydon Royal Commission and is described by some as the union business model,” Michael Hopkins, CEO of Master Builders ACT said.

The Heydon Royal Commission’s Final Report details evidence from local builders and subbies about the tactics deployed by the union against the building industry in the ACT,” Michael Hopkins said.

Heydon’s Final Report also observed that: “the evidence before the Commission reveals an industry with a number of features that operate to reduce competition substantially. Those features included: CFMEU pattern EBAs, an expectation on the part of CFMEU EBA contractors that the CFMEU will stop contractors without a CFMEU EBA from working in the commercial construction industry and a willingness on the part of CFMEU officials to satisfy that expectation.”

For further information please contact Master Builders ACT:

Michael Hopkins, CEO, 0418 984 594
Karen Freer, Marketing Manager, 0437 955 923

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