A Vision for a Refocused MBA

Posted 10 November 2017

A Vision for a Refocused MBA

Since commencing as CEO last month, our board and management team have been working on a plan to refocus the efforts for Master Builders ACT around three key areas.

Firstly, the MBA will continue to be a respected advocate for the ACT construction industry. We will work with government to ensure government policy helps attract investment and creates long term opportunities for our industry to grow; regulatory reform is focused on improving building quality without providing an unnecessary regulatory burden on an already highly regulated industry; and provides a transparent procurement policy which supports and maximises local content.

Secondly we will provide services, advice and training which provide real value for our members. This will involve adding to our range of member services and training courses to support our members.

To achieve both of these goals we have commenced a significant organisation reform, restructure and change in key personnel. Last week a number of positions in our organisation were made redundant, and we have immediately commenced recruiting for five new positions. The driving force behind these changes is to make sure we run the MBA to the same level of operation excellence that we expect a “Master Builder” member to run their business.

To the staff that have left the MBA as a result of these changes, we thank them for their long term service to the MBA.

To all of our members, thank you for your ongoing support of Master Builders ACT.

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