• on-the-spot advice about industrial and employment laws;
  • modern award interpretation;
  • Dispute Resolution
  • template employment contracts and employment policies;
  • drafting, negotiating and approval of enterprise agreements;
  • engagement with unions;
  • advice about navigating union right of entry disputes;
  • representation before the Fair Work Commission;

Any member requiring assistance should contact the Industrial Relations Department.



Workplace Health and Safety is always at the forefront in terms of issues within the industry and our pursuit to continually lift standards to ensure the safety and well-being of workers is an ongoing one.

The harmonised Workplace Health and Safety laws have been in place since 1 January 2012. The Act is both complex and all embracing, as it broadens the obligation to provide a safe workplace to all of us engaged in the construction industry.

Master Builders has been actively involved in responding to and implementing the recommendations of the "Getting Home Safely" report released by the ACT Government in November 2012.

Master Builders will continue to provide up-to-date tailored advice to its members on the local and national harmonised regime .



MBA Group Training is an award winning Registered Training Organisation, having previously won awards for training excellence both for apprenticeship and our school-based training programs. 

MBA Group Training has an outstanding track record in the National WorldSkills competitions, the Excellence in Training Awards and the Golden Trowel competition, where our apprentices compete against other apprentices from around the country in their chosen field and in general.

We offer niche and trade training to meet both national and international qualification requirements from Certificate II in Construction through to Certificate IV in Building Construction Building.

Our alliance with the University of Canberra continues to prosper with students from UC undertaking a range of training to complement their studies, as well as articulation arrangements for MBA students to commence their studies with the University.

Our core business includes the employment and placement of apprentices and the training not only of apprentices but also of existing workers in the industry. MBA Group Training is also the premier provider for Builder Licensing qualifications for Residential, Commercial and Open Class Builder applicants. We provide short course training to meet the skills demand and WH&S requirements in the construction industry. We also offer Asbestos Awareness training for construction workers as a requirement as of 1 July 2014.


Consider the advantages of becoming a Host Employer and the benefits to you.
MBA Group Training invoices for the actual hours the apprentice, trainee or cadet works on the job. You are not invoiced for public holidays, annual leave, sick leave, RDO and training days. MBA Group Training is responsible for all administration of wages, workers compensation, long service leave and superannuation.

MBA Group Training employs field officers to assist you with hosting the apprentices, trainees or cadets. If you directly employ your own apprentice Master Builders can provide the training required.

Hosting apprentices provides opportunities for apprentices, trainees and cadets, on site learning opportunities and contributes to skilling the future construction industry.



MBA Insurance Services (MBAIS) is owned by seven of the Master Builder Associations around Australia, and unlike other Insurance Brokers, ALL profits are injected back into the Building & Construction Industry ... Your Industry, ensuring a better future for all of us.

Represented in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and now also in the Australian Capital Territory, MBA Insurance Services has been in operation for over 25 years and currently employs 58 people specifically dedicated to your Industry.

One of the unique benefits that MBAIS can provide is the depth of resources drawn from our construction insurance specialists and also the broader Master Builders movement, ensuring industry participants are supported by expert advice.

Conveniently located in the MBA ACT office, we encourage you to either drop in for a chat, call on 1800 150 888, email or visit the website to find out how MBAIS are assisting builders throughout Australia with their insurance needs.



In the Work Health Safety Act Regulation 2011, Section Regulation 292 defines the meaning of a 'Construction Project' as being work that involves construction and where the cost of construction work is more than $250,000; and Section Regulations 309-310 311 imposes the requirement of a Safety Management System for Construction Projects.


The Master Builders Fidelity Fund was established in 2002 to protect the interests of both builders and their clients in the ACT.

For builders, the Master Builders Fidelity Fund provides financial certainty as money held by the Fund remains in the ACT. It is securely invested and used for the betterment of the ACT construction industry and is therefore not subject to the vagaries of international markets and events.

The Fidelity Fund issues Fidelity Certificates which provide consumer protection for owners of new homes and those making significant changes to homes. Since commencing in 2002 we have issued over 24,000 Certificates. The Certificates protect the owner during construction and for up to six years from the date of practical completion.

Master Builder members receive reduced premium rates and we also offer special discounts for volume users of the Fidelity Fund. For more information contact the Master Builders Fidelity Fund.



We constantly look for partnerships designed to save members money. In most cases by taking advantage of the discounts, members can save more than the cost of their annual membership subscription.

If you aren't already using any of these services or products, contact the Master Builders about fleet discounts on work vehicles, insurance, home warranty insurance, training, telecommunications, workwear, and work method statements.

Also, please let us know if you think there is a corporate partnership/discount that you would like us to investigate on behalf of our members.



Master Builders will provide advice on relevant ACT legislation, planning, the National Construction Code, Australian Standards and we continually develop technical and regulatory guidance publications to assist our members in complying with the broad range of legislative requirements that they have to satisfy.
Members are encouraged to attend the free workshops and seminars on regulatory matters covering work safety, energy efficiency and a host of other topics that affect the smooth functioning of your business, including estimating and cost planning tools and contract management.



Principal among the Association's activities is lobbying and advocating to government, opposition and the bureaucracy to protect the interests of members. The cross over from policy to practice is more often than not muddied by legislation and regulations that are impossible to work with and filled with unintended consequences.

Taxes and charges, land supply, procurement priorities and delivery methods, work safety, training and growing business compliance obligations top the list of topics raised with politicians and government representatives.

As governments politically commit themselves to demonstrating action in appeasing their constituencies, invariably the end result is a greater burden on business and industry. Recent manifestations of this are increased reporting compliance for contractors to the ATO and more notification of building activity in neighbourhoods.

We hold regular sessions with other critical bodies such as Shared Services Procurement, ACTPLA and ActewAGL.

As part of ongoing commitment and liason with Government we have released two Policy Papers on Procurement and Land and Planning. These Policy Papers have been developed in consultation with our members. We are in the process of developing further Policy Papers.

The collective voice of industry is vital to ensure that policies adopted are reasonable and responsible.
In our Policy Papers we have specifically called for the establishment of a Building Regulatory Review Committee to review and scrutinise draft legislation with the objective of ensuring that the new regulations, if being considered, are necessary or relevant.


The planning process is an integral part of our industry. Master Builders are actively involved in consultation with ACT Planning and Land Authority, now part of Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, in providing input to the continuing changes and reforms to the planning system.

On behalf of our members, we are actively represented on all committees and roundtables that impact on our members. We have provided detailed responses to the government on issues that are relevant to our members. Our objective is to minimise red tape and create a more streamlined building and development process, with minimal cost-impact and thereby improving the profitability of our membership.