MBA Future Leaders - Risk Management Series, Session 1

Date: 17 April 2019

Time: 4:00pm-5:30pm

Location: MBA Head Office, 1 Iron Knob St, Fyshwick

MBA Future Leaders - Risk Management Series, Session 1

Master Builders are proud to partner with Holcim and MBA Insurance Services to bring you the the first in a series of sessions, targeted at assisting our Future Construction Industry Leaders, grow their businesses succesfully.

Construction is the industry with the largest number of businesses in Australia. In 2017-18, the ACT had both the highest entry (18%) and exit rates (13.4%). The failure rates of small businesses (those with under 20 employees) continue to climb, and businesses are at the greatest risk during the first three to five years.

With this in mind, Master Builders ACT, with some help from our partners, is launching a Risk Management Series to ensure that our members can easily identify the risks they are likely to face across the lifetime of their business: when establishing their business, successfully running their business and looking to sell or exit the business when retirement rolls around. The Risk Management Series will take slightly different forms depending on the event – whether it be at our Member Information & Networking Events, Women Working in Construction or Future Leaders – but the idea is the same – let’s work together and manage your risks.

Our first event is for our Future Leaders – that is, those in the first ten years of business, or looking to go out on their own.

You will hear from the following experts:

Speaker: Nick Morgan (MBA Insurance Services)
Topic: Your insurance requirements

Speaker: Robert Starke (Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers)
Topic: Setting up your business - what contracts and agreements do I need?

Speaker: Tony Lane (Vincents)
Topic: Planning for troubled times

Speaker: Matt Goodwin (Goodwin Blain)
Topic: Personal financial success


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