President's Lunch with Ben Ponton

Date: 23 April 2019

Time: 12:00pm-2:00pm

Location: MBA Head Office, 1 Iron Knob St, Fyshwick

Master Builders Association President's Luncheons

President's Luncheons are one of the Master Builders key activities on the event calendar. The luncheons are hosted by the President of the Master Builders, Gracie Ferreira and include a presentation from a prominent Guest of Honour.

The Luncheons provide an intimate forum for 20 guests in a boardroom situation to discuss topical industry issues, under Chatham House Rules. They are a fantastic way to network with key clients and to keep up to date with current activities within the ACT's building and construction industry.

Key details for this luncheon are:

Guest Speaker: Ben Ponton

Sponsor: Canberra Town Planning

For further information on sponsorship of these luncheons or for the opportunity to attend this event, please contact:

Bethany Mason
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Ph: 6175 5968