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Master Builders ACT Member Workshops will continue with our virtual set-up for the foreseeable future, in order to conform with current COVID-19 social distancing requirements.


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Changes to Right of Entry Powers

Date: Thursday 17th September
Time: 8am to 9am
Presenter: Michael Young, Executive Group Manager, Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations 
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Session Description:

Controversial changes to the WHS legislation and the right of entry powers for investigating a suspected breach of the WHS legislation have come into effect from Monday 7 September 2020.  These changes extend the powers of an entry permit-holder when investigating a suspected contravention of the WHS laws.  These changes raise particular concerns as to the employer’s obligations to worker privacy whilst on site as well as how these powers can potentially implicate business where workers do not wish to be recorded whilst at work.  Members are reminded of their obligations to comply with a right of entry notice and encouraged to ensure that their knowledge of right of entry, particularly relating to the WHS legislation is sound. 

To assist members in understanding the changes to the right of entry powers of entry permit holders, MBA will be hosting a virtual member workshop presented by ACT Government and WorkSafe ACT.

This session will provide an overview of the changes to the entry permit holder powers from 7 September 2020 and will provide industry with background regarding the process for the approval of these changes.  Presenter Michael Young, Executive Group Manager, Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, will also answer a number of those questions/concerns raised by members since the commencement of this legislation.