Getting quotes

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When selecting a builder, it is important to consider a number of factors. Firstly, selecting a builder with whom you can have a trusting relationship and strong sense of collaboration is a critical factor. Secondly, look at your builder‚??s track record for an indication of their service and quality. Finally, price is an important consideration.

When shopping around for a quote for your project there are a few things to remember:

Be as specific as possible with your plans and requirements. Getting quotes based on detail drawings and specifications is best.

  • Make sure you give each contractor the same plans and specifications, so that the quotes can be¬†compared equally.
  • Don‚??t accept the first quote you receive. You should always get a least three written quotes from registered¬†and professional tradespeople.
  • Compare the quotes, view previous work or jobs from each builder and, if possible, speak with past clients.

Most importantly, remember the cheapest quote is not always the best option. Choose a builder who is experienced in delivering your type of project and who you can trust to undertake and deliver the quality of work you want.

Choosing the right builder or trade contractor is a big decision that only you can make. Do your research and remember, that there are benefits for building with a Master Builders member.

Once you have three quotes and have found a builder or tradie, you should understand the importance of contracts and variations before you begin any work.