During construction

Once you have signed the building contract and all necessary building and plumbing approvals are in place, construction is ready to begin. To ensure the construction stage runs smoothly there are a few important things to remember:


Construction sites can be dangerous places and everyone needs to play their part to ensure your construction site remains safe. During the construction stage, your builder is responsible for what happens on site and this includes who can access the site. Never enter a construction site unattended. Always ask permission from your builder before entering. At certain times, the builder may prevent you from accessing the site (such as when equipment or materials are being delivered or moved).


Communication is the key to a successful building project and avoiding disputes. Make sure you stay in regular contact with your builder to check on progress and to ask any questions. If you have questions about subcontractors or suppliers, make sure these questions are directed to your builder, who will liaise with other parties on your behalf.


Sometimes you may want to make changes to design or materials during the construction. If you want to make a variation (either an addition or reduction in the scope of value of work), discuss this with your builder early and always make sure the variation is agreed in writing before the work commences.


Payments for building work are usually staged throughout the building process in accordance with a schedule set-out in the building contract. Payments for agreed variations may be required before the variation work commences. Please read and understand your payment obligations before you sign the contract.