Avoiding disputes

Sometimes problems arise during the building process, and unfortunately many problems are avoidable. Use these tips to avoid and resolve disputes:

Tips for avoiding disputes

  • Maintain good communication with your builder throughout the building process.
  • Make sure you have a written contract and ensure all variations are agreed in writing before work commences.
  • Read and understand your building contract. If you are unsure about any aspect of the contract ask your builder, Master Builders (for MBA contracts) or your legal advisor, before you sign the contract.

Tips for resolving disputes

  • If you think a dispute is arising, first of all talk to your builder. Disputes are easier to resolve when they are still small and before they grow into large disputes.
  • Refer to your contract. The MBA building contracts contain a dispute resolution clause which should be followed to resolve disputes.
  • Master Builders ACT may help resolve your dispute with a Master Builders ACT member or can advise on Master Builders ACT contracts. If you have a question about your contract, or if you have a more serious dispute, give Master Builders ACT a call.
  • As a last resort, seek legal advice.