Providing Information and Resources

The information centre at Master Builders has a range of fact sheets, magazines and brochures to help you be inspired and better understand the process for building your new home or working on renovations and remodelling. 

Contract Advice and Information

With a range of contracts to cover all your different building projects, Master Builders can offer you advise and information on the best contract you use and answer any questions you may have. 

Dispute Resolution

If you have a dispute with your builder during or after the building phase we offer a dispute resolution service. Ideal for disputes involving the building of a new home or renovation, for a fixed fee, the Master Builders dispute resolution service can be a valuable alternative to going to court or the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

For consumers, if you would like a qualified Master Builders staff member to inspect your building work before initiating a building dispute, or just for your piece of mind, a $650.00 (plus GST) inspection fee is payable.

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For further information, please contact Master Builders.