Feature Articles

Below are some articles that we hope will help you garner inspiration and ideas for your next project. Remember, always ask the question when considering your build, "Is your builder a Master Builder?".
Building the Future

On any given day you can see fluoro-vested construction workers dot the Canberra landscape. The sound of progress echoes throughout the suburbs. This is the hum of confidence. Construction is robust and the Canberra economy is healthy.

New technology and skilled operators unite to give a powerful beat to the sound of progress, and one can't help but wonder if Walter Burley Griffin is looking down and nodding with approval.


New Home Guide

Australians have always been obsessed with homeownership. While the Great Australian Dream of the quarter acre block with Hills Hoist on the lawn and Victa in the shed may be evolving as our cities change shape, the security and satisfaction of owning a home remains much the same.


Interior Design

Stamping your taste, style and personality on an interior design or renovation project has never been more fraught and difficult to navigate than now. You don't need to be told it is considerably more than just getting a few quotes and taking home a handful of paint swatches.

So unless you're a veteran of several renos you are going to need a lot of support and advice and partnering with experienced industry professionals.  MBA-ACT members are acutely aware of the need to be ahead of the trends and developments.


Kitchens & Bathrooms

If you're contemplating building a new house or renovating your current residence, your most valuable asset throughout the entire process is the Master Builder's Association.

Canberra boasts an extraordinary number of well seasoned, highly regarded building industry professionals. The very best of these are all members of the Master Builders.

Utilising a Master Builders member offers you the assurance of an informative, professional, supportive and reassuring design and construction experience at all levels. 

With that in mind, your first point of call when undertaking any construction project should be the Master Builder's Information Centre in Fyshwick. There you'll receive professional advice about every facet of building from the foundations up.

If you're looking to construct a new home or undertake a renovation, you'll need to find a builder. We all want value for money in everything we purchase, but when faced with finding a builder to construct a home, what else should we consider outside of price?

For the Complete Essential Kitchens & Bathrooms Guide, Read the FEATURE ARTICLE HERE

Display Home Guide

Canberra boasts an extraordinary number of well seasoned, highly regarded building industry professionals. The very best of these are all members of the Master Builders.

The 2014 edition of the Winning Homes magazine features the best display homes in Canberra and the sourrounding region.

This wide-ranging feature will help in the planning of a new home. This feature highlights modern building techniques, decorating and design ideas for spaces and budgets of every size.



By Trevor Lee, Nigel Coates and Michael d'Onofrio
June 2011

'Green Living' brings together design, technology and lifestyle. You can have a home that is a joy to live in - all year round. Energy efficiency is a significant contribution to sustainability. If we accept that sustainable building is 'development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs', closer attention needs to be given to materials selection and construction techniques as well as water and waste implications.

To learn more about Energy Effiency in your home, read this feature that highlights five factors that will help enable you to create a successful Green Living home.