Charity House Project

Overwhelming response to the Deakin Charity House auction.

The Master Builders Association of the ACT (MBA) and the Land Development Agency (LDA) have partnered with Renaissance Homes to deliver a new Charity House Project for 2016.

In one of, if not the largest donations to community organisations in Canberra history, over $2.06m was raised from the sale of the two Deakin properties, and the proceeds will be donated to local Canberra charities. 

On Saturday 5 November, Peter Blackshaw Manuka auctioned 63 and 65 Buxton St Deakin with the combined sale of the homes totalling $3,025,000.00. Approximately $950,000 was spent to build and market the project leaving of $2,060,000.00 to be distributed to local charities supporting people with a disability.

Watch a video about the Deakin Charity House Project below.

Video by Digital Content Studios in Canberra

63 Buxton Street Deakin
65 Buxton Street Deakin

The Deakin Charity House project is a joint project where the LDA is contributing two adjoining separate title in-fill parcels of land in Deakin and MBA members, led by Renaissance Homes, have donated (or providing at low cost) construction materials and labour. The 2015-16 Project has delivered two home and land packages to market for auction on Saturday, 5 November 2016.

On Friday, 16 December 2016 the net proceeds from the auction were distributed to local charities supporting people with a disability. The three original organisations selected to benefit from the proceeds of the Charity Houses are:

Boundless Children's Playground -  $1,133,000.00
Hands Across Canberra - $412,000.00
Hartley Lifecare - $309,000.00

Due to the outstanding result at auction we were able to help another six charities selected by the project partners:

Early Morning Centre - $34,333.33

Salvation Army - $34,333.33

Uniting Care - $34,333.33

St Vincent De Paul Society - $34,333.33

Ozhelp - $34,333.33

Everyman - $34,333.33

Master Builders ACT has delivered two Charity Houses previously, in 2006 the Jenolan Charity House and in 2013 the Franklin Charity House. Combined the previous projects raised just over $850,000.00.

A message from the Chief Minister

Canberra is a community with a proud record of delivering on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Earlier this year I committed the ACT Government to further action to improve outcomes for people with a disability in our city.

At the core of this commitment is improving liveability and inclusion for people with a disability. I am pleased the ACT Government has partnered with the Master Builders Association of the ACT, Renaissance Homes and the ACT building industry on the 2015-16 Deakin Charity House Project. The Project will support disability services and innovation in liveable housing in the ACT.

Projects like these would not be possible without the dedication of many in our community, but especially those working through our local charities and supporting people with a disability. Without their efforts the many worthy stories of everyday people would go untold.

I am proud of the way our community has come together to deliver this project, and would especially like to thank the builders, apprentices, subcontractors, and trade suppliers for their generosity in contributing to this project, and being part of our whole community's effort to improve the lived experience of people with a disability in our community.

Andrew Barr
Chief Minister of the ACT


A message from the Land Development Agency

Following the tremendous success of the 2013 Franklin Charity House project, which raised over $580,000 for Canberra based charities, I am thrilled that the Land Development Agency (LDA) is again collaborating with the Master Builders Association of the ACT (MBA) on the Deakin Charity House project in 2015-16.

This exciting new project is taking our fundraising goals even further by designing and constructing not one but two homes to be released for sale at auction. The net proceeds from the auctions will be distributed to key local charities that provide important support and services to people with disabilities.

The project partnership arrangements are a testament to the strong relationships that exist and that can further be developed between the ACT government, MBA builders and service providers and materials supply partners.

The Deakin Charity House project aims to demonstrate that innovative and functional design combined with the use of modern efficient materials and inclusions can deliver two quality homes into a competitive, cost conscious, modern market.

The project is based on:

  • showcasing adaptability features;
  • good design including solar orientation , efficient use of space and light;
  • sound selection of materials which maintain a balance of amenity and low lifetime cost; and
  • inclusions that provide high efficiency ratings for energy and water appliances.

Through Hands Across Canberra, a foundation that provides a simple way for Canberrans to adopt more regular charitable habits, local charities providing important support and services to people with disabilities will receive the net proceeds from the project.

In addition to raising money for charity, the houses will provide an outstanding showcase of the skills and capabilities of the local building industry. The collaboration between the ACT Government and the ACT business sector demonstrates a positive commitment to social responsibility by all of those involved.

The LDA looks forward to being a part of this project which will involve the construction of two highly desirable properties, building better partnerships with participants, supporting local charities, and providing hope for the future for the ACT.

David Dawes
Land Development Agency